AMINO SIDEKICK - 30 Servings

AMINO SIDEKICK - 30 Servings

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Perhaps the best tasting BCAA ever created using AjiPure BCAA ( From Fermentation rather than animal hairs and byproduct! )

Amino sidekick is a straight to the point product. Unlike most of our competitors who use 4g of BCAA per serving or less we have included an amazing 7g of Instantized BCAA per scoop. Amazing mix ability, even better flavor! Stop buying "cheap" under dosed bcaa when most athletes should be consuming 7g of bcaa during training and other times during the day!

We used instantized bcaa to ensure amazing mixing results!

Serving Size: 1 Scoops ( 10g )

Servings Per Container: 30

INSTANTIZED L-LUECINE                                        3,500MG
INSTANTIZED L-ISOLEUCINE                                  1,750MG
INSTANTIZED L-VALINE                                          1,750MG

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