Is there even such a thing as bad pizza?


Something I was born to love, defend and live with through thick and thin. Literally I enjoy both thick and thin crust. But yea.... pizza is one of my favorite things.

Like there even bad pizza? Even pizza that taste meh in a time of still a damn good time.

And they have so many kinds. Deep dish, thin crust for you skinny bros who wanna watch the carbs, pan crust, stuffed crust.....hell even fruit makes it's way onto the zaaaaaa.

 I just think we may have determined a food that cant be bad when common sense is used. Pizza is always good. Pizza is always a party. Drunk or sober.


Never trust people who dont like pizza.....or animals. They crazy.


Yet another epic blog post.

From me

Pizza man J.R. Barthel.

Stay cheesy.



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