Eat More Beef, Make More Gains.

Aww meat......the evil protein right?


Regardless of how the world tries to demise red meat and its true value athletes looking to optimize nutrients will continue to flourish with red meat consumption. You are what you eat, and you are what you do! An active weight lifting person has little correlation to sedentary overweight people who showed health risks on a high red meat diet. You could have them eating anything, they are overweight.....THAT IS THE HEALTH RISK.

The goal should be to optimize nutrient intake. Often times we just focus on MACROS as opposed to micros which believe it or not isnt just in fruits and veggies.

You know Brian Shaw? The Huge dude from game of thrones? They are HUGE red meat eaters! Stan Efferding, titled the worlds strongest bodybuilder basically idolizes read meat!

Red meat is loaded with Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Vit D, B12 and more. Boosting recovery, performance, testosterone and so much more. Where protein sources like egg whites, chicken breast simply just provide merely protein alone.

Fear the fat typically associated with red meat? You can opt for leaner cuts, you can also likely allocate 1-2 red meat meals per day within your fat intake......because if you are eating under 50g of fat a day.....lets just hope your a 100 pound inactive stationary seriously.

Price a concern? Nobody is saying you need to be eating fancy cuts of steaks all day. Consider ground beef, or roast made in the slow cooker! Plenty of options and if you are savvy you can usually always find good deals.

Consider red meat, it may just change your perspective!

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